DeFi Lingo 2021

Your Newest Crypto Acronyms (Advanced)

API = Application Programming Interface

APY = Annual Percentage Yield

ATH = All-Time-High

ATL = All-Time-Low

AML = Anti Money Laundering

AMM = Automated Market Maker

BEP-2 (Token)= A token that runs on the Binance blockchain.

BEP-20 (Token)= A token that runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

BFA = Brute Force Attack

BIP = Bitcoin Improvement Proposal

BSC = Binance Smart Chain

BTM = Bitcoin ATM

BTFD = Buy The Fucking Dip

BUSD = Binance USD, a 1:1 USD-backed stablecoin issued by Binance

CBDC = Central Bank Digital Currency

CeFi = Centralized Finance

CEX = Centralized Exchange

CT = Crypto Twitter

CII = Cryptocurrency Institutional Investor

CDP = Collateralized Debt Position

DAI = Stablecoin algorithmically pegged to $1 USD, with no volatility.

DApp = Decentralized Application

DAO = Decentralized / Distributed Autonomous Organization

DeFi = Decentralized Finance

Degens = Degenerates

DPoS: Delegate Proof-of-Stake

DLT = Distributed Ledger Technology

DEX = Decentralized Exchange

DYOR = Do Your Own Research

ERC-20 (Token) = A token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

ERC-721 = A token standard for non-fungible Ethereum tokens.

EVM = Ethereum Virtual Machine

EIP = Ethereum Improvement Proposal

EEA = Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

FUD = Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

FOMO = Fear of Missing Out

Gwei = Gigawei, or 1,000,000,000 wei

Gas = Fee you pay to submit transactions to the Ethereum network.

HF = High Frequency / Hard Fork / Hash Function

HODL = Mispelled Version of hold, from the verb “to hold”.

IBO = Initial Bounty Offering

IEO = Initial Exchange Offering

IL = Impermanent Loss

IoT = Internet of Things

JOMO = Joy Of Missing Out

KYC = Know Your Customer

LN = Lightning Network

LP = Liquidity Provider / Liquidity Pool / Lending Provider

MCAP = Market Capitalization

Multisig = Multi Signature

MSB = Money Service Business

NFT = Non Fungible Token

OCO = One Cancels the Other (order)

OTC = Over The Counter

P&D = Pump & Dump

PoB = Proof of Burn

PoD = Proof of Developer

PoW = Proof Of Work

PoS = Proof Of Stake

PoA: Proof-of-Authority

REKT = slang for “wrecked” : severely damaged or utterly destroyed

Sat = Satoshi. Smallest BTC unit (0,00000001 BTC)

SC = Smart Contract

SEC = Securities and Exchange Commission

SegWit = Segregated Witness

ST = Security Token

SPV = Simplified Payment Verification

sUSD = Synthetic USD token enabled by the Synthetix protocol.

TLT = Think Long Term

TX = Transaction

TVL = Total Value Locked

TUSDT = TrueUSD is a U.S. dollar stablecoin pegged to USD at 1:1.

UTXO = Unspent Transaction Output

USDT = Tether, biggest stablecoin pegged to USD at 1:1.

USDC = USD Coin, stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar at 1:1.

Vol = Volume

wBTC = Wrapped Bitcoin, a synthetic form of BTC.

wETH = Wrapped Ether, a synthetic form of ETH.

Wei = smallest ETH unit

WP = Whitepaper

YIP = Yearn Improvement Protocol

YTD = Year To Date

YFI = Official Token of Yearn Finance Protocol

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